Library Classic

Screenshot of Library Classic
Map Name: ge_library_classic
Author: JCFerggy, Adrian, Mangley
First Seen: Beta 1.0
Location: Unknown
Ideal Player Count: 2-12

Library Classic is a level in GoldenEye: Source. The level is a combination of Stack Classic and Basement Classic.

Due to its dynamic layout, this map is suitable for a wide range of players:

  • With 0-4 players, only the Basement is accessible.
  • With 5-8 players, only the Stack is accessible.
  • With 9+ players, the whole Library is accessible.


Originally worked on by Fourtecks, for 5.0 the basic geometry was rebuilt by JcFerggy who then handed it off to Adrian to finish everything else. After a final art pass by Mangley the map was ready for release.