Beta 4.0.2 Server Release Notes

Released: Feb 20, 2010

This is a hot fix designed for SERVER HOSTS ONLY. This fixes several gameplay issues detailed in the full description.


  • Fixed infinite loop on map change if ge_gameplay_mode == 1 and gameplaycyle.txt only has 1 gameplay in it
  • Fixed ge_gameplay_mode == 2 not cycling through gameplaycycle.txt
  • Moved round ending to BEFORE the new gameplay is loaded to allow OnRoundEnd() to be called for the current gameplay instead of the new one
  • Fixed LTK not being active on map change load
  • Fixed CTK forcing DM mode on map change sometimes
  • Fixed Gun Game restarting the round needlessly if gg_deathmatch is set to 1 at gameplay load
  • Fixed Gun Game round/match end scoring
  • Fixed Gun Game not assigning score properly to players who join late in the game
  • Added prompt to CTK when the round is restarted after a second player joins
  • Added prompt to Gun Game when the round is restarted due to deathmatch mode being activated