Beta 4 Release Notes

Released: Feb 17, 2010


This is a very high level list of changes. There has been uncountable numbers of optimizations, changes, tweaks, and additions to Beta 4 since Beta 3.1.4. This list is by no means complete and captures the major changes that will be seen by the average player.


  • Added: Replaced LUA with Python for Gameplay Scenarios
  • Added: Achievement progress report. Connecting clients transmit their achievement status to the server and the server compiles a string of achievement ids the client has achieved that is sent to server plugins via the event message “achievement_progressreport”
  • Added: CVar ge_armorrespawntime seconds
  • Added: CVar ge_itemrespawntime seconds
  • Added: CVar ge_dynamicarmorrespawn 0 and ge_dynamicarmorrespawn_scale float
  • Added: CVar ge_dynamicweaponrespawn 0 and ge_dynamicweaponrespawn_scale float
  • Added: CCommand ge_gameplayreload (opt) to reload the current gameplay from disk rather then cache (useful for testing python gameplay)
  • Changed: Reimplemented the radar to send player positions separately with precision of 10 units to reduce net traffic
  • Fixed: Several minor memory leaks
  • Removed: CVar ge_dynamicrespawn and ge_dynamicrespawn_scale


  • Added: Rolling Explosions
  • Added: Bullet Penetration (Applies to AR33, CMag, RCP90, Moonraker, Automatic Shotgun, Silver PP7, and Bishop Sniper Rifle)
  • Added: Player spawning is done in an intelligent manner with players spawning in the “least-populated” spawn point to prevent spawning in the middle of a firefight
  • Changed: Re-added duck jumping back in with substantial improvements over Valve’s method (NOTE: You don’t unduck until you land)
  • Changed: Slowed down normal walking speed a little to correspond with GE64
  • Changed: Modified Invulnerability. If another player attacks an invulnerable player for greater damage then the original attack, the difference is applied and the victim receives additional invulnerability. * Changed: Reduced delay of Cougar Magnum firing
  • Changed: Modified some weapon damages and accuracy settings
  • Changed: Bigger emphasis on teamplay
  • Fixed: Reordered several events that occur pre and post rounds to properly display scores
  • Fixed: When players spawn, if all spawn points are occupied the left over players will be kept in observer mode until a spawn point is made available preventing “telefragging”

Gameplay Scenarios

  • Added: Capture The Key
  • Added: Living Daylights
  • Added: Live And Let Die
  • Added: Gun Game
  • Changed: All other scenarios were adapted to python with no changes to their basic gameplay
  • Fixed: YOLT round end conditions

Client / HUD / VGUI

  • Added: Level Music Player
  • Added: Gameplay Help Popup Menu
  • Added: Weapon Set Popup Menu (with images!)
  • Added: Fade to black and “Press Start” screen on death
  • Added: Fade in from black and viewpunch on respawn (as in N64)
  • Added: Breath Effect (subtle movement while standing still)
  • Added: Ability to disable heat wave and dynamic light of rolling explosions
  • Added: HTML window is back and stylized for plugins to use. Standard HL2 command syntax applies.
  • Added: Goldeneye-style third-person character animations.
  • Added: Many particle effects to maps, weapons, and gameplays.
  • Added: Impact effect for projectile weapons that hit concrete, wood, or tile
  • Changed: Teamplay HUD score display
  • Changed: Teamplay scoreboard display
  • Changed: When Fast Weapon Switch is enabled it will show the name of the weapon in the lower right that you currently hold (for a couple seconds)
  • Changed: View bob while running
  • Changed: Allow picking of separate models per each character (in addition to skins)
  • Fixed: Sticking in the wall while walking, also known as viewmodel jitter
  • Fixed: Character select lighting of player model
  • Fixed: Character select scrolling
  • Fixed: After action report not displaying proper teamplay/gameplay information if it changed between rounds
  • Removed: Typing !weapon and !help into chat was removed in lieu of the gameplay help popup

Sound / Music

  • Added: Goldenzen’s Pieces (Aztec, Casino, SOP, Always Better, Bunker, Library, Streets, Facility Alternate, Cradle Alternate)
  • Added: Caverns music by Basstronix and Sole Signal
  • Added: Shaken and Stirred by Sole Signal
  • Added: Aztec music by Basstronix
  • Added: New menu music by Goldenzen and Basstronix
  • Added: Rolling explosion sound effect
  • Added: New weapon sounds (Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Moonraker)
  • Added: Gameplay sounds (LALD, LD, Capture The Key)
  • Changed: Body Armor pickup sound
  • Changed: Weapon sounds (ZMG, Klobb, CMag, PP7, Moonraker, DD44, D5K, Phantom, Shotguns)

Level Design

  • Added: ge_aztec
  • Added: ge_caverns
  • Added: ge_facility_backzone
  • Added: ge_silo
  • Added: ge_basement
  • Added: ge_facility_classic

  • Changed: ge_archives
  • Changed: ge_facility
  • Changed: ge_runway
  • Changed: ge_cradle


  • Added: Female Scientist
  • Added: Alec Trevelyan
  • Added: Custom third person animations for all weapons (except grenade, throwing knifes, and cougar magnum because the HL2MP anims fit just fine)