PP7 (Silenced)

A picture of the PP7 (Silenced)
Ammo Capacity: 7
Ammo Class: Pistol
Head Damage (Bars): 4
Torso Damage (Bars): 1
Leg Damage (Bars): 0.5
Fire Rate (Hold): 1.5 per second
Fire Rate (Tap): 8.8 per second
Accuracy: Good
Special: Noise suppression,
No tracers

The Silenced PP7 is a variant of Bond’s preferred weapon in many of the films. The silenced version is less accurate than the unsilenced version, but the shot sound is supressed, and the bullet does not leave a tracer.

The Silenced PP7’s real-world counterpart is the Walther PPK with a detachable silencer.

GoldenEye 007

In the original game the Silenced PP7 could be found in the following singleplayer missions:

  • Dam - starting weapon
  • Facility - starting weapon
  • Runway - starting weapon
  • Surface I - starting weapon
  • Bunker I - starting weapon
  • Silo - starting weapon
  • Surface II - starting weapon
  • Bunker II - dual wieldable


In Bunker 2, dual Silenced PP7’s could be found in the safe if you collected both of the safe keys in the level.