Weapon Sets

Weapon sets, also known as loadouts, are the list of weapons which will spawn during the current round. By default, a different weapon set is randomly chosen with each new round.

GoldenEye: Source includes all weapon loadouts from GoldenEye 007 that can be formed with the weapons available. These loadouts have been augmented, often to include weapons previously unavailable and of appropriate power level.

  • Default Sets

    These weapon sets are designed for general play.

  • Custom Sets

    These are weapon sets lovingly crafted individually by members of the GE:S team.

  • Arena Sets

    Arenas are weapon sets where each spawn produces the same weapon.

  • Themed Sets

    These weapon sets only appear in their respective maps.

  • Arsenal Sets

    These weapon sets are only used in Arsenal.

  • Capture The Flag Sets

    These weapon sets are only used in Capture The Flag.

  • Utility Sets

    These are special weapon sets. They have a 0% chance of being selected randomly.

  • All Weapon Sets

    Shows a table of all weaponsets for quick reference.