v4.2.3 Release Notes

Released: Jun 29, 2013


  • CTK: World kills now count as suicides
  • YOLT: Enhanced foes indicator and general rewrite for efficiency
  • Added Arsenal and Tournament DM from Troy


  • Team Round Report scores are more readable
  • Round Report title is localizable (and changes between round and match)
  • Fixed round report showing incorrect information when switching game modes mid-match
  • Fixed justification in HUD Messages from Python
  • Added color hinting to HUD Messages
  • Bot difficulty and turbo mode were added to the create server menu


  • Fixed Ammo/Armor/Weapons respawning instantly with > 24 players
  • Projectiles pass through teammates (except when friendly fire is on)
  • Added sniper rifle zoom in/out with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed grenade launcher shells losing all velocity when bouncing off walls

Gameplay / Misc

  • Added glow to capture areas
  • Added Enable/Disable inputs for item_armorvest
  • Toned down the screen flash after receiving damage
  • Fixed overlapping capture areas in smaller maps
  • Added ge_endround_keepweapons command to keep the current weapon set across round transitions
  • npc_mine is now separated into three different entities: npc_mine_remote, npc_mine_proximity, npc_mine_timed
  • Added a convar to disable the open slot left when filling a server with bots
  • Advanced music selection based on map defined areas
  • Fixed loadout manager not selecting gameplay loadouts properly
  • Invulnerability system tweaked to offer a more balanced experience
  • Spawning system vastly improved to prevent players from spawning in the middle of firefights
  • SSL tuned up the intro video, with 720p to 1080p and switched video internals from PAL to NTSC

Python API

  • Consolidated GEUtil.PlaySound functions
  • GEUtil.PlaySoundFrom now localizes the sound to the immediate area
  • Added GEPlayer.GetSteamID() to python API
  • Added GEUtil.StopSound function
  • Added several temporary entities to GEUtil.SpawnTempEnt
  • Added several new temporary entities to GEUtil.CreateTempEnt
  • Can submit server and client commands from python as if from console