A picture of the Shotgun
Ammo Capacity: 5
Ammo Class: Shotgun
Head Damage (Bars): 1.75
Torso Damage (Bars): 1.4
Leg Damage (Bars): 0.875
Fire Rate (Hold): 1.38 per second
Fire Rate (Tap): 1.75 per second
Accuracy: Terrible
Special: Penetration

The Shotgun is useful in close quarters, but loses effectiveness at medium range. It is powerful enough to attack an un-armored enemy, but can be out-gunned by a quality weapon.

The Shotguns’s real-world counterpart is the Remington 870.

Changes from GoldenEye 007

The Shotgun has received a damage buff to accommodate the difficulty of getting into appropriate range and the improved usability of bullet weapons in the PC environment.

GoldenEye 007

The Shotgun was not featured in any of the missions in the original game, as it was only available using cheats.