v5.0.1 Release Notes

Released: Aug 29, 2016

The 5.0.1 server patch seeks to fix minor but potentially problematic oversights in the 5.0 release.

  • Added: Very basic votekick system that can be invoked with “!gevotekick [PLAYERNAME]” or “!gevotekickid [PLAYERID]” in chat. Use “ge_votekickpreference 1” to force enable it and “ge_votekickpreference 0” to force disable it.
  • Added: Some experimental changes to core game behavior such as weapon spread and random selection, these can be disabled with “ge_alertcodeoverride 0” if they cause problems.
  • Fixed: Fixed broken UTF-8 player names from being able to cause python gamemodes to early out when they try to call GetPlayerName()
  • Fixed: Adjusted mapchooser commands to be a little more user friendly
  • Fixed: Fixed MWGG server crash where a hunting knife in the weaponset resulted in a null pointer.
  • Fixed: Fixed ge_teamplay logic, the convar should now work as expected
  • Fixed: Fixed map_rec event oversight, random mode should work correctly now